Winter Break 2015

This past week has been hard for me. I am not a morning person, so waking up for school after a week and a half break from school felt like waking up in water. Honestly, it was eventful, almost stressful, but nevertheless I enjoyed it.

From this vacation, I can now successfully tell my kids my first date was a mistake date because I didn’t like the boy nor agree to going as if we were on a date. But as it is, I did end up sitting next to the boy and completely friend zoning him (which mind you, I’ve done many times). Throughout the past month and a half, he has stressed me out with telling me how beautiful I looked in school today and wondering if I was free on some day. If I had been someone else, I might have reacted better and not freaked out and abandon my house, but the first text basically said “I love you but I’ve only liked you since the end of last year, but it’s okay because your awkwardness is cute”.

I’m that person that freaks out because a pencil isn’t sharp enough for a test, so a boy that I don’t like randomly texting me and telling me that he wants to ask me out publicly really gave me weird feelings in my stomach, not the good kind.

Overall, I invited about 10 more people to our double date with one of my best friends, her boyfriend, and the crazy boy who liked me. Only one of my best friends came, but I was fine with her sitting next to me. I snuggled up with her, acted couple-y and made sure to sit far away from the boy to my left trying to hold my hand.

And that was my second time watching Star Wars, Episode VII, The Force Awakens (Which by the way is a great movie I’ll do something on it later). It felt like friends hanging out, and I loved it. I’m not going to tell you about the other times he texted me and I had to bluntly reject him.

This makes it seem like my entire vacation was all about a crumby boy, but it wasn’t, nothing big really happened that would be worth writing about. As much as I’d love to write about my confusion from taking multiple naps a day and still being too tired, I’d rather talk about an actual ongoing conflict.

Things I learned from winter vacation 2015:

  1. Boys are useless, stay single as long as you can
  2. Christmas is not fun if you have liberal parents and everyone else on my mom’s side of the family is Republican
  3. Naps are necessary
  4. Hayden Christensen is almost 35 and that age gap disappoints a lot of my friends and I who are 15/16.
  5. Although food is essential, it is common to accidentally skip meals on Christmas Eve
  6. Don’t cry on the last night of vacation, you wake up looking high and must take a shower to look un-stoned
  7. Calories shouldn’t count


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