High School Play Makes Audience Cry

On March 17th, the musical Once on This Island was performed by the students at Canton High School in Massachusetts brought huge success on it’s opening night. This performance starred Addison Mirliani who played the lead, Ti Moune. The musical, based off of the fairy tale,  The Little Mermaid, by Hans Christian Andersen, is the Haitian interpretation of this story with a twist, was chosen by the director Ryan DeFoe

With Gods and Deities controlling her fate for falling in love with Daniel Beauxhomme, played by Matthew Maddestra, this musical focuses on the compassion and care a girl has for a rich man who she prays to the Gods to send to her to make her happier and feel loved as she tries to avoid falling into the trap of Papa Ge (Matthew Aboukhater). The battle between love and death prevails as Papa Ge tries to prove that death is more powerful than love, which involves the love Goddess, Erzulie played by Meryl Prendergast.

While the musical was a huge success, this story was a real tear jerker…in a good way. An unnamed crew member told me, “In the second to last scene, I began to cry and I didn’t stop for half an hour. It was embarrassing, but I was extremely happy with how it turned out. This musical was nurtured and cared for by everyone here and I am so happy I got to witness how beautiful this story telling was.”

The music was essential to each scene, each song unique in it’s own way and performed by amazing actresses and actors to help tell the story.

The play will continue throughout the weekend having a Friday night showing and a Saturday matinee on the 18th and 19th in the Canton High School auditorium.

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