Senior Has High Aspirations For The Future

The stress of becoming a boxer impacts the youth training to be the boxer because it involves many vigorous hours of training to build up stamina, strength and agility. This anaerobic sport depends on the muscles working at their fullest as the body relies on taking minimal breaths. Boxing requires hours of vigorous work, and this is a challenge for senior David Ward who goes by Dave. He’s changed trainer’s twice and has been training on and off for about a year now.

His boxing training consists of every other day training during the week by running for half an hour, some other kind of exercise, and running again for another half hour. On the weekends, he works on his form, specializing in keeping his hands in the right position and his feet balanced. I got a few words with Ward, who is an avid reader and gamer. His favorite games include Red Dead Redemption and Double Dragon Neon. He attends Canton High School and has a shy girlfriend of almost 1 year named Reya. His truck is a 2004 Ford Ranger which he drives every day to school from his apartment complex where he lives with his father.

This senior also loves bands such as the Beatles and Metallica, enjoying not only the grunge look and music, but classic rock and 80’s metal. He enjoys listening to these bands because of their lyrics, beat and rhythm.

When David was seven, he had a near death experience where he was rushed to the hospital because of a compulsive vomiting incident called Gastroenteritis otherwise known as the stomach flu. He was rushed to the hospital because he lacked the ability to keep food and liquids down. This profusely impacts David, in fear of him having this again and not being able to arrive at the hospital in time. As he trains to live in the ring, he worry’s a concussion could put him back where he was when he was seven.

As he lives in fear, he continues to be the best he can, and has decided to train with a friend now who has been helping him more than he ever thought. But he still does have a sense of humor. When I asked him if he could have a superpower, he said he would chose super strength but, “I would probably not be allowed to box, that would be cheating if I blew their face in with a punch,” He also loves tv shows such as The Office but while rewatching the first few seasons, he tends to get annoyed with the couples then versus where they are at the end of the series.
If he is unable to become a boxer for reasons such as injuries and brain damage, he plans to major in English to become an english professor. But that won’t stop him, Dave said, “I’d always found that like writing was a good stress relief and I really like when I’m reading a book to try and analyze it, like from the author’s perspective too. I would also like to become a journalist in gaming,”. He also told me that he’d like to teach high school although college professor is a dream come true although it isn’t very realistic in his opinion, he still carries these dreams and is certain he’ll achieve something amazing.

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