Sophomore Semi – Before

As a child, I’m sure most of us can think back to the time when we watched a Disney princess movie and thought, “When will that be me on the dance floor?” At most high schools, students are making a splash in the sea of dance with events such as homecoming and prom and now, Sophomore Semi Formal.

Sophomores and their guests are buzzing about this magical night, excited beyond belief for a night out with their friends and dates. On Friday, May 13, Sophomores pay $30 for themselves and their dates to have the night of their lives. It is held at the Irish Cultural Center between 7 and 10 pm.

Run by student council and having no theme other than being formal, this night is something some students say “a night to never forget” with or without a date. Michael Khouri, a Sophomore, believes, “you definitely do not need a date…it’s more for fun between everyone.” He isn’t the only one, Sophomore Thomas Cahill agrees with Michael. Even students who aren’t going such as Hailey Kelleher agree dateless is perfectly fine and shouldn’t be something someone is ashamed of.

But as most formal dances are, there is an issue with the outfits, especially the girls. There are facebook groups for things such as prom and now Semi Formal. As of right now, there are over 100 girls in the facebook group for Semi where they all post pictures of the dresses they will wear in order to keep away overlapping of dresses.

“You can wear any dress you want, if you do happen to wear the same dress, why don’t be happy about it?” Kelleher said with a smile. Although guys do like to stand out, they are not very worried about wearing the same suit and tie as the other guys.

Another issue students have is the price of Semi. Cahill, a member of student council agrees it is a bit pricey for everyone but he has good reasoning to believe so. “If the price is higher this year, it’ll be lower for Junior Prom next year which will be beneficial.” Not all students know this, but with this information in mind, I myself am much happier about the price.

Although it is too late to order tickets for Semi, all students I interviewed are happy there is a Semi Formal unlike many adults because of the hassle there is involved with it. It is, after all, a night to remember.